Getting Your Licence – A Quick Guide

Are you aiming for your ‘P’ plates? Perth Apex Driving School will help you reach this milestone knowing you have gained all the skills and habits to be a safe driver or rider.

Whether you’re applying for a licence for driving a car, moped or motorcycle, you must first:

  • train for that licence
  • pass your Hazard Perception Test
  • complete 50 hours of supervised driver training, and then
  • pass the Practical Driving Assessment

Although you’re given a learner’s handbook to guide you, you must learn to correctly and safely operate the vehicle that you want to be able to drive unsupervised once you get your licence. But how do you know for sure whether you’ve developed safe and lawful driving habits and that you meet all the requirements for your tests?

That’s where Apex Driving School comes in.


We train beginner, intermediate and advanced drivers and motorcycle riders of all ages to pass their tests with flying colours. We have a 95% pass rate and have trained 1000s of students to qualify for their ‘P’ plates.

Your lessons are planned according to the requirements that the Department of Transport sets for you to pass all tests, as well as what the laws and regulations require you to know and do when driving on our roads. This way, you get the maximum benefits out of your instructor, and each lesson takes you a step closer to getting your licence.

You’ll have a well-qualified instructor who comes with an instructor certificate, plus many years of experience on our roads and experience training how to become a safe and responsible driver. They will work hard to deliver the best learning experience for you.

If you have your learner’s permit and are keen to get your provisional driver’s licence, then book your first lesson with one of our friendly, reliable instructors. We promise you’ll feel calm and comfortable throughout your lesson.

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