Manual Driving Lessons Perth

Learning to drive with a non-professional can be daunting as there’s so much knowledge, techniques and driving habits that you need to master before you can pass your tests and get your manual C-class licence. While some people may be kind enough to offer to teach you, they’re not necessarily the best teachers.

With Apex Driving School, you can choose from a team of more than 60 professionals who can provide patient, guided training to help you prepare for your Hazard Perception Test and Practical Test so that you can pass them on the first try.

All our Perth driving instructors come with professional driving experience and are extensive experience training drivers, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. They understand that everyone learns differently and at their own pace, and as such your lessons will be tailored based on how you learn.

All Perth manual driving lessons are fun and effective and cover the areas that the Department of Transport expects you to be good at when you take your tests. You’ll gain the C-class driving skills that would give you confidence on the road, and you’ll learn how to ensure your own safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of other road users. This way, you’ll develop safe and smart driver habits from day one.

If you have previous driving experience, you’ll be surprised by how much extra you can learn from your instructor. You may even find that you’ve developed some “bad habits” and “poor techniques” that they can help you correct.

Book your C-class training with us and you’ll find out for yourself why we have a 95% pass rate and why 1000s of students chose us.

Manual Car Driving Lessons Perth

What You Need For Your Manual Driving Lessons in Perth

Apex Driving School provides a safe car you can use for your lessons. The price for using our car is included in your lesson fee. We only use quality cars that are easy to operate, so you can learn quickly and get a comprehensive understanding of the basic functions of a manual or automatic car.

Plus, rain or shine, your lessons will run. But don’t worry, we teach you how to drive in all conditions.

How to Prepare For Your First Manual Driving Lesson

Driving is a skill that can be very intimidating to learn, especially if you have no experience.  It’s best to be prepared before your first manual driving lesson. You’ll want to get these two things in order before your driving lesson starts: wear comfortable clothes and stay focused on the task at hand.

Many people have minimal experience with driving a manual car before their first lesson, so it’s important that they not be too nervous. Your driving instructor will let you know if anything specific or individual needs covering in your first lesson. Enjoy and try to put the nerves aside.

Apex Driving’s manual driving lessons in Perth are a great way to get started with your driving. Drive with ease and comfort on the road using Apex Driving School’s practical manual driving training. Our practical manual driving lessons in Perth include all the skills needed to achieve a full licence.

Driving is an essential skill that most people will need throughout their lives. Whether you’re learning for the first time or just want to brush up on your skills, take a manual driving lesson with Apex Driving School in Perth and learn how to drive with ease and comfort on the road.

Practical manual driving lessons are available from our team of experienced
Perth driving instructors who can teach all the necessary skills needed to achieve a full licence. Our practical manuals driving lessons include everything anyone needs to know about being safe behind the wheel.

Ready To Learn How To Drive Manual?

Our goal is to help you become a confident driver ready to take your tests to earn your manual or automatic licence. You’ll be extremely impressed with the effort we’ve put into the building blocks to help you develop the correct driving techniques and safe driver habits. Book your driving lessons now so you can finally train for your C-class licence.

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