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Ready to grab life by the bars and experience the joy of riding a moped or motorcycle? Apex Driving School offers motorcycle training in Fremantle and Spearwood area.

Our motorcycle instructors provide patient, guided training to help you prepare for your motorcycle test so that you can pass on the first try. They’re motorcycle enthusiasts with professional riding experience and extensive experience training riders who are at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Your motorcycle lessons will be fun and effective and will cover the areas you’re expected to be good at when you take your test. You’ll gain the riding skills you need to be on the road with great confidence. You’ll learn how to ensure your own safety and the safety of your passengers and other road users. This way, you’ll develop safe and smart riding habits from the get-go.

If you’re coming to us with previous motorbike riding experience, you’ll be surprised by how much extra we can teach you. You may even find that over the years you’ve developed some “bad habits” that we can help you correct.

Book your motorbike driving lessons with Apex Driving and you’ll soon see why we have a 95% pass rate and why 1000s of learners chose us.


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Your motorbike ride: Apex Driving School aims to provide a safe environment and a comprehensive understanding of road rules and regulations for all our bike riders. To help achieve this, we ask that you have a safe bike that’s in good condition in order to train with our driving school.

How to dress for your motorcycle lessons: Rain or shine, lessons will run. So, be sure you’re dressed for the weather. Ideally, you’d wear a thick, full-coverage outfit (pants and long sleeves) and layer it if you feel cold. For gloves, we recommend leather. If it’s raining, it’s best to wear water-resistant pants and jackets. We also recommend closed-toe boots or shoes that are comfortable enough for you to feel the gears under your feet as you shift gears.


Our goal is to help you become confident and ready for your test. You’ll be extremely impressed with the thought that we put into the building blocks to help you develop the correct motorbike riding techniques and good rider habits. Book your motorcycle lessons now so you can finally train for your motorcycle licence.

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