Hazard Perception Test Perth drivers license

Before you can attempt a Practical Driving Assessment to get your ‘P’ plates, you must first pass the Hazard Perception Test, a computer-based test which includes videos of different traffic situations to test your ability to assess road hazards, make safe driving decisions and respond to each situation in a way that helps to reduce the risk of an accident.

The requirements are different for car, motorcycle and moped students:

C-class and motorcycle permit holders: You can only sit your Hazard Perception Test once you’ve been driving for a minimum of six calendar months after getting your Learner’s permit and once you have turned 16 years and six months.

Moped R-N class permit holders: You don’t need to wait six calendar months before taking the motorcycle Hazard Perception Test. You may apply to sit the test once you have your moped R-N class permit and once you feel ready to take the test. If you’re applying for a licence to drive another vehicle class, then you’ll need to take the appropriate Hazard Perception Test for that vehicle class.


It’s essential that you learn how to spot hazards on the road so that you can react safely without panic. To help you do this, your instructor will explain the best techniques as you come across different hazards on the road. This will help you prepare better for the Hazard Perception Test.

You’ll be taken through road works, school zones and other areas where you’d need to pay attention to pedestrians, workmen, reduced speed limits and anything else that may cause you to change your speed, direction or even stop your vehicle.

You’ll get to practice how to safely tackle situations such as overtaking cyclists and stopping for a pedestrian stepping out into the road, a ball rolling bouncing onto the road in front of you, a dog running across the road, or a car exiting an alley.

A professional instructor can help you determine how to react safely to these situations so you can avoid a collision.


Visit the Department of Transport’s website for further details about the Hazard Perception Test.

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