What to Expect with Apex Driving School Perth


Apex Driving School has been providing quality driving lessons and motorcycle training since 1983 and has helped 1000s of students get their licences. Our driving school is one of Perth’s most reputable schools, and our students and their parents recommend us to their relatives and friends.

Our driving instructors in Perth love training. They’re fully accredited and certified to teach the latest techniques. You’re taught at your own pace, ensuring you fully understand, master and retain the skills to become a safe, effective driver or rider.

Our instructors use clever coaching techniques to help you learn, and they give positive feedback along the way. They also break down any complex scenarios, so you can learn how to react to situations that arise when you’re on the road. They work hard to ensure you enjoy your training and get exceptional value during each lesson. View Perth driving instructor prices


Our experienced driving instructors will give you a good understanding of the correct driving procedures and road rules, so you develop good driving habits, safely gain extensive on-road driving practice and become a safe novice driver. Your lessons will cover everything you need to master to pass the driving test for an Australian driving licence.

Sessions will focus on the techniques that would be covered in your practical driving test, including:

  • Operating and guiding the vehicle
  • Putting the road rules into practice
  • Controlling speed and changing gears
  • Changing lanes and merging safely
  • Entering and exiting intersections
  • Entering and exiting the freeway
  • Parking (reverse, parallel, angle and hill)
  • Spotting and reacting to hazards
  • Making U-turns and three-point turns
  • Driving in different weather conditions
  • Driving through school zones and road works
  • Monitoring the dashboard while driving
  • Picking the best track and staying on track
  • Using mirrors and checking blind spots
  • Turning in and out of driveways
  • Reversing safely


Best of all, your instructor will come to you if you don’t have access to a vehicle or public transport. When you book your sessions, you may choose for them to pick you up and drop you off.

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