Automatic Driving Lessons Perth

Driving a car is no easy task, and it requires a lot of knowledge and skills.

Some people may be kind enough to offer to teach you how to drive, but are they the best teachers? As such, Apex Driving School offers training for drivers who would like to take their Hazard Perception Test or Practical Test on the first try. This way, you can gain confidence on the road from day one while learning safe and smart driver habits that will help ensure your own safety as well as other road users.

If you have previous driving experience, you’ll be surprised by how much extra your instructor can teach you about safe driving techniques. You may even find out that some of those “bad habits” or ‘poor techniques’ that you’ve developed can be corrected by your Perth driving instructor. When they do, their patience will surely come in handy.

Automatic Driving Lessons Perth


– Gain confidence and safe driving habits from day one.

– Learn the skills necessary to pass your tests

– Have peace of mind on the road, knowing that you’re a safe driver.

– Have fun, enjoy the lessons, and don’t stress about your tests

Apex Driving School has one of the best pass rates in Perth because we not only train our students to be smart drivers but also help them develop safe and smart driver habits that will serve them well on the road for years to come.


Apex Driving School will provide you with an automatic transmission car to use during your driving lessons. Price is included in the lesson fee and only provides quality automatic transmission cars for safe learning. So, whether it’s rain or shine outside, your automatic car driving class won’t be cancelled because we teach how to drive in all conditions!

All automatic car driving lessons are taught by fully qualified driving instructors who come with professional driving experience, extensive experience training, and knowledge of the best methods to teach students how to drive automatic cars. We understand that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. As such, your automatic car driving lesson will be tailored based on how you learn.


Every lesson is fun, safe, and effective!

You’ll be a confident driver ready to take your driving tests in no time with the help of our quality training.

Are you ready to learn more about how Apex Driving School can help you get your C-class licence? We have a proven track record for helping people pass their tests so book today!

Call or email us today and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and recommend the best courses for you!

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