Perth Driving Lesson Prices

Apex Driving School offers quality driver training in both automatic and manual cars to give you the confidence to pass your driving test first time. We have a 95% Pass Rate!

Our driving lessons prices are as follows:

Budget lesson price = $60.00 for 45 minutes

Regular lesson price = $65.00 per hour (best value)

University student price:  $63.00 per hour (cash only) and applies to full time, no partner income, non-working Uni students only.  These lessons are only available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm.  Not available in holiday breaks.

Credit Card Payments        Payments by Paypal or credit card will incur an extra fee.
Having a full hour’s instruction is beneficial in that it allows sufficient time for the student to experience driving in different traffic conditions and practice skills and correct errors without rushing before driving home again. It also allows provides the instructor sufficient time to fully explain everything that will be required of the student for that lesson and to help them absorb all of the new information.

Price Comparison – One hour vs 45 minutes – which is better value?

Here we can see how the 60 minutes lesson is better value than the 45 minute lesson.

3 x 1 hour (180 minutes x $65.00) = $195.00

4 x 45 mins (180 minutes x $60.00) = $240.00

Driving Test Prices

It is always best (where possible) to book your driving test at the closest licencing centre to your home any additional travel ring and check the price first and the time required for a preparatory lesson and test is 2.5 hours. This includes the following:

  • Pick up from your home,
  • A lesson prior to the test,
  • The test itself and completion of paperwork afterwards, and
  • Return home.

The price for 2.5 hours including lesson and test is $162.50.  If you meet at the centre and make your own way home after the test, the price is reduced to $130 (2 hours).

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Driving Lesson Package Deals

We don’t offer package deals for paying in multiple lessons at this moment.

Please be aware that not all Packages at different schools  add up to a good deal.

Like other driving schools we do  offer just 45- minutes  for the same $60.00

* But Best value is an hour for $65.00 *

Gift Vouchers

We are not Responsible for lost or stolen Gift vouchers once they leave our office.

Our Vouchers do not expire but remain the price you paid if our price rises you need to pay the Difference.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees we would like you to understand that it takes time to arrange our lessons on time and schedule. So we ask that if you have booked a lesson we would appreciate if you are unable to make your lesson please provide us with “1 full working days notice to avoid a Cancellation Fee that will apply”. Keeping this practice in order means we do not need to enforce payments for lessons in advance.