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Value for money when you choose a driving school

Katie*, 17, couldn’t wait to start driving. having acquired her L Plates, she began searching for a driving instructor, with two things in mind: she wanted a professional teacher who was affordable and had value for money.

Checking out a few websites, she found a few options all between $60-$65. Her choice? The cheapest.

What Katie didn’t realise is that the cheaper price was actually a shorter lesson. In other words, saving a few dollars a lesson was costing her up to 15 minutes of valuable driving instructing, every single time.

After ten lessons ($60 lesson for 45 minutes), Katie had spent $600 for 7.5 hours of tuition. But had she chosen Apex Driving School, who provide a whole hours tuition for $65, Katie would’ve spent just $50 more and received a whole 2.5 hours of extra driving tuition. Katie had her value for money.

At Apex Driving School, we believe in giving our students VALUE FOR MONEY.

So when you’re looking for a driving instructor, don’t be misled by a slightly cheaper price. Ask how many minutes you’ll receive behind the wheel to figure out just how much value for money you’re really getting.

The further you can stretch your driving dollar, the more experience you’ll get behind the wheel. Which means more invaluable time with a qualified driving instructor, a greater chance of passing your test and the opportunity to become a better, safer driver for life.

And what could be worth more than that?

In fact, according to the TAC, “a lack of experience is the single biggest contributing factor in crashes among young drivers on the road.  Experts say that between 50% and 70% of accidents involving new drivers are caused by skill errors.”

Don’t cut your time short on the road.

Be the best, safest driver you can be. We look forward to sharing more tips and advice with you soon!

Remember, do you get value for money?

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