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How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Perth

August 1, 2020

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Perth? Well, you have just turned 16 and you can now apply to get your drivers learners permit. You dream about those long road trips down south or up north, what vehicle you wish to drive or what shopping centres you drive too or what is that first trip you’ll take on the day you get your Provisional license. Only then you realised that you have your full dependence without relying on public transport, taxis, rideshare, parents or friends driving you around.

Why Do I need to take driving lessons?

Today, most people who start learning to drive think about the cost of each driving lesson. Even though you may be saving money by having your parents or friends teaching you to drive, they may miss critical small things that could result in a failure when you go for your driving assessment with the Department of Transport.

That is why you should take as many driving lessons with a Perth Instructor. Our instructors are fully qualified and can teach you how to drive correctly, follow the road rules set out by the Road Safety Commission, and can point out what the Department of Transport assessors are looking for during your driving assessment when you go for your provisional license.

This will allow you to become a safe driver for you and other drivers and pedestrians on our road as you will be following all the rules and obeying the laws set out by the State Government. Put your safety first as our Driving lessons cost in Perth are one of the cheapest around the city.

Save time and money

When you get your learner license, the quicker you start learning to drive with a driving instructor and the more lessons you have, the quicker it will be to get your license. Our instructors have many years’ experience in taking you through many scenarios such as how to do hill starts to preform merging and how to enter and exit a roundabout correctly. Plus the sooner you get your driver’s license, the quicker you can stop waiting for the bus or train or having your parents chauffeuring you around and you will be able to get to your destination quicker. 

Driving lessons cost in Perth

Driving lessons cost in Perth will cost you as much as a nice meal at a restaurant. Depending on what type of driving lesson you take whether it’ll be a car or a motorbike lesson here in Perth (Motorbike lessons are limited to specific areas in Perth), A Perth driving lesson will start at $65.00 for a 45-minute lesson and $70 for a 1 hour Perth Driving Lesson.

If you would like a longer lesson, for example, to get driving experience in Perth peak hour traffic, you may choose to have a longer lesson of one a half-hour at $105.00 or a full two hours for $140. You can also book longer lessons but ideally, 2 hours should be enough so that you can absorb everything you learnt in the lessons. An automatic driving license is the same price as learning a manual driving license.

Role of a driving instructor

The role of a driving instructor is to teach you the road rules for driving on our Perth roads boosting your confidence in driving. Our driving instructors will not rush you into going for your assessment. Usually, our driving instructors will examine your abilities and determine how many lessons approximately you would need after your first lesson. It takes about 2 lessons to go through all rules set out in the drive safe handbook set out by the Department of Transport.

How many Perth Driving Lessons do I need?

There is no set number of how many lessons you need as it depends on how quickly you learn and your abilities. Some students take 2 driving lessons and others may take 10+ driving lessons. So it all depends on how quickly you absorb all information.


At Apex Driving School, we are upfront about our pricing and we can tell you how many lessons you require (approximately) and the lessons cost so you can budget for the lessons. Most importantly, you should never put a price before your safety. 

If you are looking for an experienced Perth driving school, Apex Driving School is one of the largest driving school in Perth with experienced instructors.

45 minutes (budget price)$65.00
1 hour (university students*)$68.00 (Cash Only)
1 hour (regular)$70.00
1.5 Hours$105.00
2 Hours$140.00
Test (1-hour lesson + test Must be Prebooked with Dept of Transport)**

Pick up and return home from the closest licensing center.
Test (1-hour lesson + test Must be Prebooked with Dept of Transport)**

Make your own way to and from the test centre.
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