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Driving Instructor or Parent – Which is best for your learner driver?

What are the benefits of having an independent instructor teach your child to drive?

  • Firstly, teaching your own child to drive can be a pretty challenging experience, even for the most calm of parents.
  • The family car is a valuable asset and is equipped with only one set of control pedals – located on the driver’s side (obviously). The parent instructor does not have access to the dual controls available in a dedicated instruction vehicles that can be deployed to avoid or evade a situation that can lead to an accident.
  • Students often respond more favourably to the instructions of an independent instructor than when asked the same thing by a parent. This means the learning environment is far more calm and controlled with the student much better able to fully concentrate on driving the vehicle without the stress and distractions created by arguments and tension.
  • professional driving instructor is fully up to date with everything involved in the licence examination process and can effectively prepare your student to totally understand what is required of them during the examination process.
  • Employing the services of a professional driving instructor to provide your student with an adequate amount of dedicated instruction together with regular practice is shown to increase their chances of passing their driving test the first time. This can help to avoid the disappointment of not succeeding and having to try and find another time to take the test again.
  • At Apex Driving School, our aim is to provide your learner driver with the very best learning environment and experience possible. We offer 60-minute driving lessons which provides ample time for a quality driving instruction experience without being rushed or hurried. Click here to book a lesson
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